Dywater concentrates its efforts on the manage of water cycles on behalf of its clients. We care water cycles as we care our blood circulation. We value water as we value our blood. We withdraw water from natural resource with well-know of its quality. We treat it and distribute it according to the process and equipments requirement. We collect and treat wastewater for reuse or return to the ecosystem.

    Valued service come from thoughtful communication. We do appreciate all kinds of questions about water.Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our representatives will answer you as soon as possible. Maybe we can’t give you a best solution in time ,but surely we take your problem as ours and struggle all efforts to help you.

    As a full-service company,we deliver you comprehensive service and support for any process,new or exisiting. Our service include.
■ Process design、installtion and commissioning.
■ Around-the-clock technical service and support.
■ Continuous monitoring to ensure performance to the best specification.
■ Preventive diagnostics and continous innovation.
■ Ensure the best source of parts、consumable and chemicals you need for optimal performance of your water system.
We can take charge of your water system,letting you focus on your core business.

Compact clarifier
Clarification for high rate and compact process
Bestflo clarifier is recommended for
surface water clarification
industrial process water production
Backwash and draige water clarifcation and reuse
mine water reuse
steel mill circulation water clarification

DYLT sludge dewaterer

24h fully automatic operation
All-in-one design
Free maintenance
Dewatering from low concentrate sludge(from 0.2%)
Handles oily sludge
Low noise and vibration
Low operation cost
Built in self-cleaning system
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